UAS-HCM Utiltiy Tables with Ventilation

Technical Features
Vantilator Capacity 5000 m3/h
Motor Power 5,5 kw 3000 rpm
Voltage 380 Volt/50 Hz
Filtration Surface Filtration
Dirty-Air Cleaning Efficiency %98
Compressed Air inlet 6 bar
Sound Level ~68 dB(A)
Extraction Opening Diameter Ø150 mm
Dimensions (Width*Length*Height) 900 x 1500 x 900 mm
Weight ~198 KG

Technical Features of UAS-HCM Standart Model

It is available to produce with optional sizes and features

Stock Code Part No Description
205001 UAS-HCM-99 Base Model without Filter and Acrobat
205002 UAS-HCM-99-F Filtered Base Model without Acrobat
205003 UAS-HCM-100 Without Filter 2m. With Acrobat Arm
205004 UAS-HCM-101 Without Filter 3m. With Acrobat Arm
205005 UAS-HCM-102 Without Filter 4m. With Acrobat Arm
205006 UAS-HCM-100-F Filtered 2m. with Acrobat Arm
205007 UAS-HCM-101-F Filtered 3m. with Acrobat Arm
205008 UAS-HCM-102-F Filtered 4m. with Acrobat Arm
205009 UAS-HCM-H5 Filtered with Ų152mm*5m. UAS Forte Antistatic Hose
205010 UAS-HCM-H10 Filtered with Ų152mm*10m. UAS Forte Antistatic Hose
Stock Code Part No Description
205011 HCM – AK Activated Carbon Filter
205012 HCM – TRA Transparent Shield Set
205013 HCM – TRA Sound Insulated Shield Set

Product Description

* Complies with legislation of occupational safety and health of workers.

* Hands free method of capturing pollutants at source

* U-Tex Cartridge filter models guarantee an effective cleaning of the polluted air with a filter efficiency about 99% and cleaned air returns into workingstation.

* Allows breathable comfortable working areas.

* U-Tex cartridge filter models work on surface filtration principle .

* Filter models; equipped with filter elements suitable to medias. There are also fire-break pre-filter and cleanable metal filter.

* U-Tex Cartridge Filter models elements are automatically  cleaned with 6 bar air by rotatable nozzles.

* 2-3-4 m lengths UAS® ACROBAT ARMS® can be connected, so allows reach to remote extraction sources to the table.

* Acrobat Arm models; Acrobat Arm extraction and table extraction can be separated through of electrical dampers.

* Emergency stop button is available in control panel.

* UAS® FORTE Antistatic dust suction hoses with 10 m lengths can be connected and make extraction from remote sources.

* As without filter, can be connected to a central ventilation system through of UAS® FORTE Antistatic hose.

* Made by robust steel. Painted with durable baked powder paint.

* Portable protection shields can be fixed at any angle and 180° opening

* The working surface is extremely durable and non-abrasive. Optionally, working surface can be covered with different materials.

* Easily movable through of its castors and can be fixed in working area through of Wheel-brake.


Safely use for Welding, Grinding, Odour Control,Deburring, Buffing, Powder, Mixing, Sanding, Soldering, Spray, Painting, Plasma, Cutting, Polishing, Chipping, Cleaning and similar many applications.