UAS-RP Modular Dust Collecting Units with U-TEX Cartridge Filter

CONSTRUCTION : The units are made by strong steel.

PRESSURED AIR INQUIRY: 6 Bar – 80 lt/min (absolutely connected with
19 mm 3/4″ duct)
WIND LOAD: 80 m/h


CONTROL PANEL: Right Direction Control System, Overload Protection, START/STOP Switches, Electronic Command Card

-Reduces energy consumption by using only the brake horsepower needed to maintain the set cfm. Built-in variable frequency drive automatically slows or speeds the motor rpm based on cfm needed at running static pressure.
-a soft-start or slow ramp up of motor speed, eliminating sudden  surges of power usage.

-Increases expected filter life by automatically adjusting filter cleaning based on system needs.
-Can reduce compressed air usage

-Allows for quiter operation through utilization of lower fan speeds.

-Air discharging is obtained by means of static pressure monitoring system. Thus iminates the need for a magnehelic or photohelic gauge.

-Eliminates the need for external damper s or slide gates in ductwork. Simply touch the arrow on the touchscreen to adjust CFM.

-CFM, static pressure, amper, RPM pulse settings, hours of operation can be directed on that panel

-Plasma, laser, wood-working, grinding, etc. specific applications can be easily set-up.

-Cause of its modular construction system capacity can be increased in future.

Stock Code Model Air Flow Filter Surface Motor Power Weight Dimension Dust Bucket Capacity
m³/h Kw Kg. ExBxY (mm) Litre
400101 UAS-RP-2 2600 35 3 440 495x1940x2790 100
400102 UAS-RP-4 5200 70 7,5 510 990x1940x2890 100
400103 UAS-RP-6 7800 105 11 628 990x1940x3385 100
400104 UAS-RP-8 10400 140 15 710 990x1940x3880 100


Modular filter units are fastened to each others, thus the demanded air capacity is obtained. Operated on surface filtration principle. Different filters which are selected according to inquiry are homogenously cleaned by pressured air as automatically.

The units filter the dust and emulsions as collecting..


Laser-Plazma cutting tables, woodworking and furniture, chemical, cement, iron-steel, paper, pharmaceuticals, food, molding, automotive, stone-soil indstry, rolling-mills, dust mixing and transportation processes,composite materials usage areas, welding works, metal grinding and sanding works and similar several areas.