UAS Karbotex

Stock Code Description
202310 UAS-K8 305x610x400 1200 m3/h Karbotex Filter 8 cartridge
202311 UAS-K16 610x610x400 2400 m3/h Karbotex Filter 16 cartridge
202312 UAS-K8 305x610x400 1300 m3/h Karbotex Filter 8 cartridge
202313 UAS-K16 610x610x450 2550 m3/h Karbotex Filter 16 cartridge
202314 UAS-K8 305x610x600 1710 m3/h Karbotex Filter 8 cartridge
202315 UAS-K16 610x610x600 3400 m3/h Karbotex Filter 16 cartridge


The right solution for odor filtration


The odor is conservative in 75% - 95% efficiency. Used as second and third stage odor trap filter after prefiltration. By adding a Hepa filter, the efficiency reaches 99.9%.

The cartridges are designed to be easily filled and emptied.

The change is easy.

It absorbs chemical waste, chlorine, paint, polish, solvent, thinner, medicine, bone, alcohol, tobacco, cosmetics, garbage, food, welding fumes, exhaust gas, oil vapor and so on. Hospitals are responsible for the removal of unwanted odors in the working areas of food factories, iron and steel factories, feed factories, chemical factories, recycling factories, pharmaceutical factories, rubber and plastic factories and similar industrial establishments.


* High gas retention capacity

* Sturdy

* Low pressure loss

* Energy-saving

* Easy installation

* Low energy consumption

* Standard size

* Activated carbon granules can be changed and used repeatedly.

Technical details

Filter element: Granule Activated carbon

Optional: ideal Pre-filtration; F7 (EN779)

Frame Type: galvanized steel

Recommended Temperature: 0-55 ° C

Outside Diameter: 145 mm

Recommended Relative Humidity: <70% RH