Liquid Filters

Technicial Specifications Unit LWF- 8000 –ST LWF-8000-SS
Air Flow m³ / h 10000 10000
Dimensions (w*l*h) cm 1100x1500x1200 1100x1500x1200
Empty Weight kg 400 400
Full Weight kg ~800 ~800
Tank Volume L 400 400
Input Size cm 58-118 58-118
Output Size cm 48-128 48-128
Motor Power W 1500 1500
Shoot power d/s 180 180
Sheet Thickness mm 3 3
Working Temperature °C 70-250 70-250
Input Voltage V 220/380 220/380
Total Nozzle Ad 2 2
Color Ral 1003 Stainless Steel – 304

Part Nr.



Odour Capturing Mechanical Filter Set (Optional)


This system provide to have aerosol, fog, oil mist, water vapor and chemical waste which comes from dirty air and other contaminants cleared. Liquid filters provide a washing system to clear all contaminants before throw to outsite. This is prevent environmental pollution.

** It helps to clear the air of facility by washing particles which in the air thanks to high performance fixed washers or rotary nozzel varying according to the needs.

** UAS – Liquid and filter units are used for pre-filter. It is not possible to hold mist, smoke, oil 100% effectively. It is possible to make high efficiency by fitting UAS- Electrostatic, UAS-Mechanic, UAS-Actif Carbon or UAS-UTEX.

** UAS-Liquid and filter units are suitable for 8000m3 / h air flow. It has maximum washing capacity thanks to low pressure loss and rotary nozzle. Low operating costs thanks to low power consumption.

**UAS – Liquid and filters units 8000m3/h capacity is modular. By adding to each other can be reached requested capacity.

** It has very high performance than traditional water spray systems thanks to UAS – Separators and UAS- Rotary Nozzle.

** Controlling is very easy with watching window.

** Precipitate can be cleared very easly by opening drain cover.