Mini U-TEX Manual Cleaning High Vacuum Filter Unit

Total Motor Power 2,2 kW
Total Flow 360 m³/h – 1120 Pa
Supply Voltage 220 V / 50 Hz
Filtering Efficiency %99,9
Sound Level 78 dB(A)
Weight 27 kg
Dimension 600*350*510 (W*D*H)
Stock Code Part No Description
200501 UAS-63100 High Vacuum Mini Cardridge Filter Unit with Two Inlets With 2 units * 5 m UAS FORTE Antistatic Vacuum Hose
Stock Code Part No Description
200302 UAS-93-070-005 Ø 45 mm. x 5 m. Vacuum Hose
200303 UAS-93-070-006 Ø 45 mm. x 10 m. Vacuum Hose
200304 UAS-23-200-08 300 mm. Magnetic Vacuum Nozzle
200305 UAS-23-200-09 600 mm. Magnetic Vacuum Nozzle
200306 UAS-23-200-10 Magnetic Vacuum Nozzle with steel pipe and hood
200307 UAS-28-010-030 Extraction Shield
200308 UAS-10-600-71 Nozzle with fastener and cover
200309 UAS-10-600-84 Self-Suction Torch

UAS–93 070 005

UAS-23- 200-08

UAS-10 -600-71

UAS-23- 200-10

UAS-28- 010-030

UAS-10- 600-84


Extremely practical devices. It is ideal solution for the workingplaces where difficult to access and untidied welding tables are in use. UAS FORTE antistatic and flame retardant extraction hose with small diameter guarantee welding smoke extraction at locations where not possible to access with acrobat arms. It is light, handheld, easily transportable into changing work places through of its castors. The device can be connected with extraction nozzles with magnetic foot, welding torches with integrated extraction, cutting-shaping-polishing tools with integrated extraction and mini acrobat exhaust arms. Device is equipped with U-TEX filter which is ideal for smoke extraction. Dirty air is purified with 99,9% filtering efficiency.

Two turbines have high vacuum pressure can be operated both together or individual, extraction capacity is never changed.

Depending on the actual operating time and the substances to be captured the filter has to be periodically cleaned with compressed air as manual. After cleaned several times the filters should be replaced with the new ones eventually their filtration ability is ended.