Mobile U-TEX Automatic Cleaning High Vacuum Filter Units

Ventilator Capacity 1440 m³/h
Weight ~195 KG
System Voltage 220 VOLT / 50 Hz
Motor power 4.4 kW
Motor Speed 2900 d/d
Filter Efficiency % 99,9
Sound Level ~68 dB(A)
Air Pressure 4480 pascal
Dimensions (WxLxH) 700*700*1250 ( W*L*H)
Stock Code Product Code Description
200501 UAS-63100 Automatic Cleaning High Vacuum Mobile Cartridge Filter Unit with 4 inlets Including 4 unit*5 m UAS FORTE Antistatic vacuum hose
Stock Code Part No Description
200302 UAS-93-070-005 Ø 45 mm. x 5 m. Vacuum Hose
200303 UAS-93-070-006 Ø 45 mm. x 10 m. Vacuum Hose
200304 UAS-23-200-08 300 mm. Magnetic Vacuum Nozzle
200305 UAS-23-200-09 600 mm. Magnetic Vacuum Nozzle
200306 UAS-23-200-10 Magnetic Vacuum Nozzle with steel pipe and hood
200307 UAS-28-010-030 Extraction Shield
200308 UAS-10-600-71 Nozzle with fastener and cover
200309 UAS-10-600-84 Self-Suction Torch

UAS–93 070 005

UAS-23- 200-08

UAS-10 -600-71

UAS-23- 200-10

UAS-28- 010-030

UAS-10- 600-84


UAS High Vacuum Mobile Cartridge Filter Unit is suitable to use narrow areas where UAS Acrobat Arms can not reach. It can reach any area through of its small diameter UAS FORTE Antistatic vacuum hose. Can be used for all applications under dust and smoke. Cartridge filters are cleaned %98 efficiency by means of rotatable nozzles. As depending on usage frequency filter cleaning is automatically done by compressed-air. There are 4 air-inlet on the unit. Thus, extraction is possible from 4 individual welding sources. UAS FORTE vacuum hoses can be adjusted to magnetic supported vacuum nozzle, extraction shield, self-suctioning welding torchs and as depending on requirement to grinding, sandering and similar extraction apparatus.