Mobile Radial Fans

Stock Code Part No. Motor Power Air Flow Description
502001 UAS ÜR – 100 (0.75 kW) 1.500 m3/h 2x5m. Ø100 mm. 90 °C Hose Mobile Radial Fan
502002 UAS İN–7AH–150 (1.5 kW) 1.900 m3/h 2x5m. Ø150 mm. 90 °C Hose Mobile Radial Fan
502004 UAS İN–8AH–180 (2.2 kW) 3.000 m3/h 2x5m. Ø180 mm. 90 °C Hose Mobile Radial Fan
502005 UAS İN–9AH–200 (4 kW) 4.800 m3/h 2x5m. Ø200 mm. 90 °C Hose Mobile Radial Fan
502006 UAS İN–10AH–225 (7.5 kW) 6.800 m3/h 2x5m. Ø225 mm. 90 °C Hose Mobile Radial Fan

Exhaust Hose

Suction Hose with Magnetic Holder Chimney Hood

Motor Protection Switch


With the carrier wheel can be moved easily from one place to another . Smoke, vapor, dust, and gas absorbing odors, and so are the units used to flush out . Conversely , they can vent using . Welding smoke absorption , the absorption of exhaust fumes , vapor absorption , the absorption of fine dust , won the ventilated tunnel - ventilated pipes , container are extremely practical mobile unit for ventilation and many other uses. Spiral steel wire to heat and abrasion resistant flexible suction and discharge hose 5 meters in length are in sooner. There are magnetic foot hood in the suction hose end. Plug the main entrance cable is 5 meters long. The unit is equipped with start-stop motor protection switch .

acid-resistant and explosion-proof models are available"