UAS-Electrostatic Oil Mist Filter Units

Stock Code Model Capacity Motor Power Dimensions (W*L*H) Pressure Loss Duct Diameter
(m3/h) kW mm Pa mm
600101 UAS-OIL MIST 1 (E) 3600 1,5 710*1700*1000 200 300
600102 UAS-OIL MIST 2 (E) 7200 2,2 710*2350*1000 250 400
600103 UAS-OIL MIST 3 (E) 10800 3 710*3000*1000 300 500
600104 UAS-OIL MIST 4 (E) 14400 4 710*3650*1000 350 550

* Dimensions including fan and filter kit medias.


Aerosol, mist, vapor, and other toxic materials are separated mechanically at high efficiency. In the first stage, oil is absorbed from contaminated air stream. At second stage oil drainage is provided. Finally polluted air is cleaned in %98 efficiency at electrostatic filter and returns into working area.

Product Description

In industrial kitchens and industry a large amount of oil-mists, various gaseous, dusts and fumes are generated which are providing fire risk. Further these harmful materials reaches lungs of the users with breathed air and endangers human health , especially at lungs, respiratory tract and other vital organs Therefore these extremely harmful gas, dust, fume and similar materials must be exthausted from the environment. As it is known a healthy working area allows increased productivity by minimizing the loss of the time.

Ünveren offers effective solutions by systematic cleaning of the air in the working area.

A clean breathable working environment is essential for workplaces. The ideal solution for protection of the workingplaces can be guaranteed by UAS ELECTROSTATIC OIL-MIST FILTER UNITS Dirty air containing oil and dust condenses on pre-filter and flows down to collecting container, then fume flows through into two-staged base filter and here cleaned by electrostatic charging and seperation. Very thin and breathable dusts are carried with the airflow into the ionisation part. By force of strong electrical field they are positively charged. During charged thin particles flow between the collectors they are at tracted by both collectors and remain stuck to them. Purification efficiency reachs up to 98%. Start/Stop switch, operation light, cleanable electrostatic filter are included.


In industrial kitchens for cooking devices. Automotive industry, Aircraft industry, Food industry, Iron-Steel industry, Mold industry, Machinery industry, Chemical industry..etc. Coating plants, Food production plantations, CNC machines.. etc., many operations generating oil-mist.


Having high- performance wi th 98% efficiency.

Repeatedly cleanable

Efficiency and function of the air cleaner proven by CFD flow analysis.

Flame – arresting capable

RAL 1003 oven painted.

Equipped with discharge valve

Can be equi p ped with licenced UAS Acrobat Arms

Easily connected with air-duct line.