FUGA Spiroflex Galvanized Air Pipes


UAS – Spiroflex


High quality forged, extruded electro zinc plated carbon steel metal

Working Temperature

-40ºC +700ºC

Working Pressure

20000 Pa

Wall Thickness

0,20 - 1 mm

Stock Code Diameter
10601 80
10602 90
10603 100
10604 120
10605 133
10606 152
10607 160
10608 180
10609 204
10623 229
10610 254
10611 305
10624 315
10612 356
10613 405
10621 425
10614 456
10615 500
10616 550
10617 600


UAS air, air transport systems, Spiroflex clamped the waste gas is high, especially for applications applications and heat-treated, a specially designed, multi-purpose clamped weather channel. with a special manufacturing technique of metal galvanized strips air sızdırmas kenetlenmesiyle each other on the form. UAS Spiroflex clamped air ducts bükülebilme and kıvrılabilme. Easy to install in a round of mergers. UAS spiroflex air tight. UAS spiroflex air ducts used to clamp system UAS high mukavemenetli clamp system. Twist and squirm away from each other during the separation of Galvanized steel strips and\/or deformation of is not in question. UAS as an alternative to traditional Air channels, Weather channels Spiroflex and traditional air ducts were allocated the largest property is extremely lightweight and is extremely riğit, but.. With this feature, the staff are very good and very high financial gains in terms of time.Even without the colon and other obstacles may exceed the beam through the elbow joint.and in this regard, practical and easy to assemble. . The products of different diameters to be nested


High quality forged, extruded electro zinc plated carbon steel metal


Manufactured Galvanized Steel


Very light

Long Lasting

Easy to install and practical

Welding & soldering Amount

Easily Paintable

Resistant To Fire

Economic, practical and resistant to any kind of external factors

The Elbow Can Be Done


It Is Economical


Ventilation Systems

Air Conditioning Systems

Exhaust Gas Evacuation

The Ventilation Systems That Require High Strength


Ø80mm– Ø800mm